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For guests of Vacation Rental MEI ONLY!
Vegetable SUSHI

making experience


Kochi Prefecture has a unique food culture.

Inaka-zushi is one of them.

Special sushi rice and vegetables are the main ingredients.

The sushi looks lovely on a plate.


Why not make your own?


What is Inaka-zushi?

​Inaka-zushi is a local dish from the mountainous areas of Kochi Prefecture. It is made from vinegared rice with Kochi's speciality yuzu and ginger, and originally, ingredients from local vegs such as shiitake mushrooms, myoga, bamboo shoots, and konnyaku potatoes. The Vacation Rental MEI also offers original ingredient such as pickled paprika in soy sauce, fried eggplants with sweet soysouce and seasonally vegetables. They make for a colourful and pretty sushi.


​Inaka-zushi experience with all food culture 

​Originally, Inaka-zushi is made with plenty of vegetables, but at the MEI, from the preparation of ingredients, no animal products such as bonito soup stock use, to make the program an experience for people from all food cultures.


Only for Guests staying the MEI 

This experience program is limited to guests staying at the Vacation Rental MEI for consecutive nights.

The experience takes place in the inn's kitchen. When you experience this, a instructure brings the seasoned ingredients and cooked rice to the inn. Make the sushi rice on the spot and put on or fill it with your favourite ingredients to create your own original sushi.


*You can experience this on the middle day of a consecutive night stay.

*If you wish to experience this, please apply at the time of booking.

*Depending on the instructor's schedule, you may not be able to experience it, so please ask in advance.



Experience fee:

1 set 10,000 yen /tax included *3-4 servings

Experience start time:

1) 10am or 2) 3pm 

Experience time:

approx. 2 hours

Experience location:

Inside the inn

Please note that the instructor providing the experience will be inside the inn at the time of the experience. Materials and plates used for the experience will be brought at the time of the experience. After the experience, the instructor will leave the room, so please enjoy your meal at your leisure.

Food diversity initiatives in our experience

◎The kitchen where the ingredients are prepared and the kitchen in the inn, which is the venue, is not a dedicated vegan kitchen.
◎Cooking utensils are cleaned each time, but the same utensils are used as those used for cooking of animal origin.
◎Every effort is made to prevent contamination, but it is possible.
◎The sugar used in this experience is either sugar beet or sweet sorghum.

◎The mirin (Japanese sweet cooking rice wine) with alcohol content is not used in this experience.

◎No wheat products are used in this experience, but as stated above, there is a possibility of contamination.
◎The vegan mark we use is the logo of 'Vegan-mo-Kochike'.

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