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About accommodation

Vacation Rental MEI is a vacation rental that is limited to one group per day.


Capacity: 4 persons 

*Children of under 12 years old can be accommodated up to the maximum capacity plus 2 for free but no additonal bedding.

*The bedding at the inn consists of one family-sized bed (240cm) made up of two semi-double beds joined together in a flooring room, and two semi-double futons in a Japanese-style room.

*If 5 or 6 adults wish to stay, an additional fee of 2,500 yen per person will be charged. However, there is no additional bedding. If you wish to add bedding (up to one single futon), the additional charge will be 5000 yen.

Accommodation fees (incl. tax):

Weekdays:  from 28,000 yen /night per group

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: from 33,000 yen/night per group

Peak season: from 40,000 yen /night per group

Super peak season: from45,000 yen /night per group

*Please ask during peak and super-peak periods.

Please check the calendar below for availability of the accommodation, where 'Busy' indicates that the accommodation has already been booked or is not available. The calendar is updated in real time as much as possible, but there is a possibility that bookings may overlap and the inn may not be able to accommodate you. Once you have made a reservation, the inn will contact you to confirm or decline your booking.

Check-in: from 15:00

*Please contact us in advance if you wish to check in before 15:00.

Check-out: until 10:00

*Please contact us in advance if you wish to check out after 10:00.

Payment: Airbnb, Vacation Stay or pay locally (credit card payment accepted).

Cancellation policy:

Direct booking (via website or official line)
5 days before the stay 50%.

After 9am on the day before the stay: 100%.

Please note that cancellation fees must be paid by bank transfer and that bank transfer fees are to be borne by the customer.

When using a booking website

The cancellation policy of each booking site will apply. Each site has a different cancellation policy. 

Requests to customers

▶Our inn has a cypress bath. The cypress bath will become slimy if it is soaked in water for a long time, so Please drain the hot water immediately after bathing

▶We value the privacy of our guests. In principle, staff do not enter the LDK and guest rooms during their stay. Please clean up by yourself (Vacuum cleaner and cleaning tools available). Only the water area (washroom, toilet, dressing room, bath) will be cleaned once a 3 days (for whom stay more than 3 nights). We also collect used towels as that time. Replace the same number as the number in the used box. Staff will enter the room from the sunroom, which is connected to the bath, so if you do not want a staff to enter the LDK, please close the door that connects the LDK and the water area and lock it inside.

​▶Please eat at LDK. Please refrain from eating and drinking in your room.

After using the tableware, please wash it and put it back in its original place.

▶In the toilet, Do not flush anything other than toilet paper. Please dispose of diapers and other items in the trash can provided.

▶Disposable products from the perspective of reducing environmental impact, No toothbrush provided. Please bring your own.

▶There are local houses around our inn. Please refrain from BBQ, eating and drinking outside after 8:00 p.m..

▶All rooms are non-smoking. If you want to smoke, please smoke outside the back door. There is no cigarette butt case. Please handle it responsibly by yourself.

​▶Insects can easily enter the lodge. Please note that house spiders are especially common.

​▶Please manage your luggage and valuables by yourself. Please note that the inn will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

If you damage the facilities and equipment of the inn during your stay, since it will be covered by the insurance that our inn has joined, Please be sure to apply. If you check out without telling us or if you break it intentionally, we will charge you a repair fee or a repurchase fee. In addition, if insurance does not cover the damage, we may charge you for the repair fee for the parts that cannot be covered. ​

​▶Please note that the garden in front of the inn is currently under construction, so there is not necessarily a beautiful garden. However, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside beyond the garden, where mountains and rice fields are interwoven.

This inn is run by one owner. Owner house is just next to the inn. Also, since we are operating while raising a small child, there may be some shortcomings, but we appreciate your understanding. We will do our best to make your stay comfortable.

Please friend us on our official LINE and feel free to ask questions!

Please friend us on our official LINE and feel free to ask questions!

We have started to ask you to become friends with us on our official LINE so that you can confirm your desired reservation date and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We recommend that you become friends with us once you have decided to stay with us, so that we can smoothly contact you for check-in/check-out and to let you know when we are going to start cleaning.

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