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guest room

Japanese-style room

Two semi-double futons are available.

​A spacious bedding size for two people


For those who want to experience a futon

For those with small children who are worried about beds

For those who feel more comfortable on a futon

Western-style room

We use the Emma Sleep mattress, which is said to have a high resilience and not bother the person sleeping next to you.

The mattress is a semi-double size, and usually two are installed.

In addition, the family size mat over the mattress is used so you don't have to worry about gaps between the mattresses.

For sleeping as a family with children

For sleeping as a couple

Provides a comfortable sleep


Each room is equipped with an air conditioner, hanger racks, and hangers, so please feel free to use them.

​ Waterproof sheets are also available, so please let us know  your request when you make a reservation.

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