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 Vacation Rental MEI

​Your own relaxation time

Vacation Rental MEI operated by Yadoya Mysato, is located in Hidaka Village, in the midwestern part of Kochi Prefecture.

Based on the concept of "Providing a space where you can relax as if you were at home with experiencing an extraordinary feeling", the over 40-year-old private house has been renovated comfortably that you can relax and enjoy yourself in the MEI. This 2LDK house is just the right size for a group to spend time together. The rice fields that spread out in front of the MEI change the scenery according to the season. Please spend your own relaxing time slowly while enjoying the countryside scenery.



Hidaka Village, where the Vacation Rental MEI is located, is located along National Route 33, which connects Kochi City to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, and is a just right village with good access to various places. 40 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport, 30 minutes to Kochi city, Niyodo blue sacred place, Nikobuchi, Yasui Valley, Nakatsu Valley are all located in about 1 hour. Enjoy the Niyodo River Basin and Midwestern Kochi Prefecture from the MEI. About 10 minute walk from Kusaka Station on the JR Tosan Line, and about 30 minutes by local train from Kochi Station to Kusaka Station, making it an easy-to-use location for those who use public transportation. ​


​About accommodation

​Vacation Rental MEI’s capacity is up to 4 adults. For children under elementary school age, up to 2 people can stay in addition to the capacity with sleeping together. Please see the "Reservation" tab for more information.

Facilities & Services


guest room

Get a good sleep while traveling

There is one flooring room with two semi-double size beds and mattresses and one Japanese-style room with two semi-double size Futons (Japanese style mattress).

Please try Japanese Futon if you never tried before but you can also sleep peacefully if you are used to sleep with a bed.


Hinoki bath

Luxurious bath time in a cypress bath

A cypress bath that is also one of the commitments of Vacation Rental MEI.

The scent of cypress is said to have a calming effect. In addition, the warmth and texture of wood is one of its charms.

While wrapped in a gentle texture and scent feel like you are in a hot spring. (*Hot springs are not available)

​ After taking a bath, you will be able to relax with a room connect to the bath. How about relaxing with a beer in hand?


Children and Babies are 

Help your family have a wonderful trip

Vacation Rental MEI offer a wide range of services which may help families with small children and babies


Select popIn Aladdin

as one of the group

In the Vacation Rental Mei, 

we adopted a projector called popln Aladdin instead of a TV

in the family

as a couple

with friends

You can watch western, asian movie with English by UNEXT (unlimited viewing only).

*UNEXT is a flat-rate video distribution service.No. 1 of unlimited works.



Kochi unique dish "Sawachi dishes" also available

Eating while traveling is a very important time

The kitchen of the MEI is designed to be spacious

You can buy local fresh foods and vegetables then cook for yourself in the kitchen.

You can also order Kochi's unique dish "Sawachi" (advance reservation required).

You can go to restaurants and cafes outside of course. The MEI is within walking distance to some resturants and cafe.

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