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​About meals

The kitchen is designed as an open kitchen, and is fully equipped with basic cooking utensils, tableware, cutlery, glasses, and seasonings (oil, soy sauce, mirin, salt, and sugar). There is also a home size dishwasher, so you can use it freely. Of course, you can buy the ingredients yourself and enjoy making them, but you can also have"Sawachi" dishes unique to Kochi, Branded chickedn ”Shimanto Dori” Fried Chicken plate, or Vegan dish plate. (Advance reservation required)

MEI offer unique dishes

It is fun to cook by yourself, but if you would like to eat something unique to Kochi, then why don't you order some Kochi style dishes? MEI offters severel types of one big dishes. All dishes are required advance reservation. All dishes at the MEI are served on "Sawachi plates (ceramic plates)" instead of plastic containers from the viewpoint of environmental preservation.

Please reserve your desired Sawachi plate in the "Advance Confirmation Form" that will be sent to you one week prior to your stay. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our official LINE or inquiry form.


Sawachi Cuisine

Sawachi cuisine
(Yano fresh fish shop)

Sashimi & special food

12,000 yen for 4-5 servings

8,500 yen for 2-3 servings

Reservation: 2 days in advance

You can order only Sashimi or Special food plate. 

In that case, 6,500yen for 4-5 servings and 4,500yen for 2-3 servings each.

Speaking of Kochi, this is it! Sawachi dish you want to eat once! But where to eat for tourists? how to order? You can reach Sawachi through MEI.

What is Sawachi? Sawachi cuisine does not refer to a specific dish, but rather to a style of cooking, and is a banquet dish that is lavishly arranged on a large plate with the blessings of the mountains and seas of Kochi Prefecture. It is a culture unique to Kochi citizens who love to invite people and have parties. The compatibility with Japanese sake is also perfect. It is a dish that you should try once during your stay.




4人前 12,000円

予約 宿泊の5日前まで





Tosa Hachikin Chicken & Shimanto Chicken
Karaage Sawachi

Karaage Sawachi

6,000 yen for 4-5 servings

Reservation: 2 days in advance

*Karaage Sawachi is not available during business trips. We will ask about your desired date and confirm if we can accommodate you.

A dish that pairs perfectly with beer, courtesy of local Akichan Karaage!

This Sawachi is made from Tosa Hachikin Jidori chicken and Shimanto Chicken, both brand-name chickens from Kochi Prefecture, which are rare and rarely available. Even though it is called "karaage," it is not the usual fried chicken, but a plate with a wide variety of fried chicken: chicken wings, chicken wing tulips, fried chicken skin, skewered gizzards, skewered breast meat, and more. It even comes with brown beans, perfect for a snack! Kids will also love this dish.

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