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About Amenities

At the Vacation Rental MEI,  we have taken every precaution possible to ensure that everyone from babies and small children to environmentally conscious and vegan guests can stay with us in peace.

*There is no guarantee that all guests will not be allergic to any of these products, so please use them at your own discretion.

*To reduce plastic product waste, we are not equipped with disposable toothbrushes. Please bring your own. They are purchased at the MEI for 100 yen per set.



◎Shampoo & Conditioner

KOSE's BIOLISS Veganee series is formulated with 100% naturally derived organic shea butter and is vegan friendly, additive-free, and biodegradable cleaning ingredients. 

◎Body soap & Hand soap

The soap is "Miyoshi Soap" which is known for its additive-free properties. It is made with only water and saponified base without any additives.


Wash room_1

◎Cleansing oil

Deve Ovive & Argan Cleaning oil by KUMANO YUSHI CO.,LTD. It is a skin-friendly cleansing oil that can be used in the bath and is enriched with moisturizing ingredients "natural olive oil" and "argan oil".

◎Facial cleansing foam

Kracie's naive Botanical Olive Foaming Face Wash is free of parabens, animal-derived ingredients, sulfates, colorants, synthetic fragrances, and alcohol, and is designed to be as skin-friendly as possible.


◎Lotion and milky lotion

VegeSkin by H&B Labs is an additive-free and hypoallergenic formula that is said to be made up of more than 93% naturally derived ingredients. The packaging is also simple and stylish!

Normal hair dryer is set.


Wash room_2

◎Hair oil

Utena's yuzu oil is made from yuzu grown in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. Good for your hair and the environment! It is a sustainable hair oil with additive-free formula.

It is a strong ally that gives a nice finish to the owner's hair, which tends to spread out due to its natural perm.

◎Baby oil

This is Tweety baby Moisture Oil by KUMANO YUSHI CO.,LTD.. It is made of low-irritant mineral oil and can be used daily for babies' delicate skin.


◎BB Cream
Azuma Trading's Travel Beauty Mineral BB Cream is made of natural minerals and over 80% beauty essence ingredients, and is so gentle on the skin that you can sleep with it on. It's stretchy and holds up great!


Changing room


We prepare 2 foot wipe mats, 1 bath towel and 1 face towel (+α) per person per night x number of persons.

The detergent used for laundry is "Green Witch Laundry," a popular skin- and environment-friendly laundry detergent born in Germany. We do not use fabric softener at our inn.

For those staying for a longer period of time, we also change towels when we go in to clean the bathrooms (once every 3 days). We will replace the number of towels in the used towel box in the washroom with new towels.


◎Washing machine

A washing machine is located in the changing room. The laundry detergent is automatically loaded into the machine. If you are not particular about the laundry detergent, please use the environmentally friendly Green Witch. No fabric softener is provided. If you have detergent or fabric softener you would like to use, please bring it yourself. If you need instructions on how to use them, please let us know when you check in or when you use it.



◎Drip Coffee

Drip coffee from Drip Coffee Factory is selected. The coffee is prepared in advance for the number of guests excluding children x number of nights in the kitchen cupboard (additional coffee can be purchased). 

*There are 5 flavors available, but they are set up randomly.



◎Soy Sauce
Shokin's naturally brewed koikuchi soy sauce is Shodoshima island soy sauce, made only with domestic soybeans, domestic wheat, and Australian sun-dried salt.

◎Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) (*alcohol)
"Ajino-Haha" Mirin, made only with rice, rice koji, and salt. It is a fermented seasoning for cooking that combines the umami of mirin with the flavor of sake.


◎Kome Oil (rice oil)
Rice oil has been attracting attention recently for its resistance to oxidation and mild flavor. It is also a good thing that it is domestically produced.

◎Extra Virgin Olive Oil

◎Sugar, salt and pepper
Sugar is brown sugar such as cane sugar or sugar beets. 

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