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My name is Haruka Matsukura.

In 2019, I moved from Kanagawa Prefecture to Hidaka Village in Kochi Prefecture with my family and a fancy rat. Kochi Prefecture has many clean and beautiful rivers,a mild climate, abundant food, delicious sake, and the open-minded people. Hidaka Village is a good location to travel around Niyodo River area. It locates about 40 minutes from Kochi Ryoma Airport (when using the expressway + bypass), 30 minutes to Kochi City, there are 3 JR stations, and good access to the Niyodo River.

I spent my university years in Australia and then worked in a national park in Malaysia for three years. I will use my experience to provide the MEI that will allow more people to know and enjoy the Kochi that I love. Unfortunately, Kochi is an area that is difficult to travel around if you do not speak Japanese, and at Vacation Rental MEI, I would like to promote information and reservations for experience programs so that people can enjoy their trip to Kochi. Although I have just opened our business, we will help visitors from overseas to make their trip as wonderful as possible.

Please come and visit us in Kochi, Japan and look forward to seeing you at Vacation Rental MEI. 

Vacation Rental MEI

Yadoya Mysato Haruka Matsukura

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