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For those with children/babies

Vacation Rental MEI is an inn that welcomes children and babies.

Natural solid flooring is soft to the touch and perfect for children to slap around barefoot.

Please spend a special time relaxing without worrying about other customers.


Children under elementary school age are free

Vacation Rental MEI has two guest rooms, one Japanese-style room and one flooring room. Two semi-double size beddings are provided in each room. The bedding is sized so that children can sleep together. The capacity is 4 people, but for children under elementary school age, up to 2 people plus the capacity can stay at no additional charge. (no addtional bedding)

If you are worried about falling out of bed, please use the futon in the Japanese-style room. There are also two semi-double beds, and family size bed mats (240cm) are used, so there is no need to worry about falling in between. Waterproof sheets are also available, so please let us know in advance if you would like them.

Each room has a hanger rack, and children hangers are also available. 


Full amenities

Traveling with children is something that is bulky, thinking about just in case. Vacation Rental MEI offers the following amenities. We also use additive-free products as much as possible. (*However, there is no guarantee that no one will develop an allergy, so please use at your own discretion.)

We also sell bulky diapers starting from one piece.

​​To reduce the burden on the environment, toothbrushes are not provided. Please bring your own.


Free rental items

We lend you some items (see below) that are useful for children to use, such as baths and toilets.

Stepstool (permanent in the washroom)

Diaper disposal bag (permanent in the restroom)

​ Diaper waste bin (permanent in the toilet)

Auxiliary toilet seat (permanent in the toilet)

Baby chair for meals (permanent in the inn)

Baby bath (permanent in bathing area) *You can use it from a baby who can sit up.

Baby futon (advance application)

Waterproof sheet (advance application)


Equipped with washing machine with dryer

Assuming various things during the trip, the clothes you bring tend to be swollen.

At Vacation Rental MEI, we have a washing machine with a dryer, so you may be able to lighten your luggage. There are also a clothesline in the sunroom, clothespins and hangar for drying. Please feel free to use it.

Laundry detergent is automatically added. Laundry detergent is provided by Midori no Majo which is environmental friendly detergent, so if you are not particular about it, please use it. Also, softener is not set. If you have detergent or softener you want to use, please bring it yourself. We will explain how to use it, so please let us know when you check in or use it.

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